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Negative Emotional Therapy

Negative Emotional Therapy™ forms an umbrella that covers issues such as Anger Management, stress and anxiety relief, depression therapy as well as Trauma Therapy.

Anger Management

The anger management process focuses on identifying the root causes of whatever may be triggering the response and emotion of the anger. By identifying the root cause, we work on removing that, and thereby, we let go of the anger issue all together. I prefer to call this process the Anger Release program, because in this program we do not only learn to manage the anger, we get rid of it.

If you are frequently irritable and short tempered, this may be a beneficial option for you. In many cases anger can get out of control, and lead to various other situations that could have been avoided. If you know you have a problem with anger, I suggest you read on.

During this program we:

  • Find the root causes of the anger
  • Work on eliminating these causes
  • Find other ways of expressing the emotion
  • If the issue has gotten out of hand, we start repairing whatever may have been affected by the anger
  • Start living a life of happiness again
  • Become mindful of how we affect those around us.

If you have been court ordered to undergo the Anger management process, I do provide a full report on the progress made for you to have as proof of the therapy.

Stress , Anxiety and Depression

These are factors that can have a tremendously impact on our quality of life. With these come fatigue, the feeling of worthlessness, sometimes shame and guilt, the feeling of not wanting to do anything, procrastination happens because of fear of attempting a new project, I can go on for days…

Frankly, these two emotional states, I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, as these completely rule and take over your life. Having been an anxiety sufferer myself, I want you to experience the same change I have with this program. I have completely healed my anxiety with this program, and the same can happen for you.

The benefits of this program are endless:

  • You release the stress, anxiety or depression completely
  • Get unstuck from the current quality of life
  • Have a super increase quality of life
  • Live your life to the full again
  • Learn to manage the pressures of life better
  • Never topple about things again
  • Have much more energy
  • Take advantage of opportunities, without the stress
  • Stop procrastination
  • And so much more…

I want you take up this program because I KNOW it works. You do not have to carry on living your life in a shell. It is time to break out!!!

Trauma Therapy

Some situations are dramatic enough for us to go through life fearfully and afraid that we might experience similar situations again. Trauma can be caused by something as small as chocking on something when we were younger, to losing a parent and being raped.

Very often one does not like to speak about these traumatic events also for fear of being judged, or simply for having to relive the situation. In my trauma therapy program I have an array of techniques to get past this experience, including the Silent Technique. This technique does not require me to have much detail regarding the event, and is the most effective of all.

In a safe, neutral space, together, we will get you through your trauma in no time, and back to living a happy life without the restraints that came with the trauma.